Judge Robert Ramirez Biography

Ask anyone in Denton County who knows Judge Robert Ramirez, and they’ll tell you he’s a man who cares about the people of his community. Whether it’s standing with neighbors in opposition to a liquor store near a school or maintaining the smallest budget of any Denton County State Court, he truly believes there is nothing that “we the people” cannot accomplish.

Judge Ramirez has dedicated himself to ensuring that free-market principles encourage job creation and economic viability, while still protecting the conservative values that are important to our heritage.

In 2010, Judge Ramirez was elected to County Court at Law #2. His priority immediately became resolving eight years of backlogged bond forfeiture cases and bringing delinquent bond jumpers to their day in court. Through his efforts, the Court is now up to date and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars owed to the County Treasury have been collected.

Today, Judge Ramirez’s Court remains the most efficient of any civil trial court in North Texas. He has consistently handled the more cases than any other civil trial court in North Texas while maintaining the leanest operating budget in the county.

Before being elected to the bench, Robert was managing partner at Coorpender & Ramirez Attorneys and Counselors, PLLC, where he provided litigation and collaborative counseling in the areas of family law and corporate/business formation. He earned his MBA from Texas A&M University and attended law school at Southern Methodist University where he graduated Cum Laude and served on the SMU Law Review as Associate Corporate Counsel Symposium Editor. 

Judge Ramirez is a principled Conservative and has served as the Denton County Republican Party’s Vice-Chairman of Outreach and Programs Chairman, President and Vice-President of the Denton County Republican Club, and Election Parliamentarian of the Flower Mound Area Republican Club.

He has been an extremely active board member for children’s organizations such as PediPlace, Denton County Children’s Advocacy Center, and Denton County Guardianship Services. He has also been Board President for Health Services of North Texas, Trustee for the Denton County Baptist Association, a Partner for Special Olympics Texas, and a member of Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Lake City Chambers of Commerce.