Original files

Original files from what was on the share drive link


The new site is built on a content management system, which gives you login ability to track the overall Site Traffic, Donation Submissons and Volunteers submissions. 




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Domain Name

VoteJudgeRamirez.com was purchased to have Domain Name to build on. If you have another URL name (ie: www.ReElectJudgeRamirez.com) that you want to use. You will need to get access to the online account that allows management of the Domain Name. Within the Domain Name, you will need to look for something that says Manage DNS to access the DNS Records for the given domain. There should already be a record that is either Parked or has an old IP address. To point the Domain Name to the server that will host the files the IP address needs to be:

Record Type





NOTE: If you need me to handle this change, I will at least need the UserName/Password that provides access to the domain name. 

Donations - payment gateway

Donations require either a PayPal or Stripe account to serve as a recieving payment gateway. These accounts are free and just need an email and password to setup. It is recommended the candidate set these up and find within the account the Bank Account you want to use to forward the money into. I only need the email (ie: joesmith@gmail.com ) associated with the account to connect the donation page to receive passing payments.